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OARBS Asset and Resource Booking Service

Teachers, have you ever lost class time due to equipment?

If so, you've probably experienced the frustration of expecting equipment to be available for you and then discovering that it's:

You're not alone! Paper-based "checkout" systems just aren't capable of managing the many tools you use throughout your daily work. The ten minutes that it takes for you to track down the correct booking binder is a waste of your time - can the binder warn you about broken equipment? Are you sure your colleagues use the system, or do they occasionally just assume that no-one will need the equipment?

The OARBS Booking Service is so quick and easy-to-use that no-one can "forget" to reserve what they need for the upcoming week. With an integrated maintenance system, you can warn your colleagues and notify the school technician as soon as something breaks. And you can do this from anywhere! Need to take a sick day? Reserve the necessary equipment for the teacher-on-call from home, and leave a note telling them where to pick up the equipment. Can't find that projector? The OARBS web service gives you an overview of where else your items have been used recently, so tracking down equipment is a cinch!

Whether it's for your school or your department, talk to your principal or head today about the OARBS Booking System.

Administrators, are you 100% accountable for all your equipment?

You have hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment in your school. Here's a list of the most common:

How many classes a day depend on this equipment? Think carefully! Your teachers use these tools every day in these common scenarios:

For the average-sized high school, these resources are critical for about 40 classes per day. What is it worth to you to guarantee the uninterrupted delivery of the day's instruction? To ensure quick turnaround times when equipment breaks? To minimize wasted staff time both during preparation and execution of teaching plans?

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With no formal staff training, the OARBS booking system was successfully adopted by a large secondary school in southern Ontario.

In the first four weeks of use, over 50 teachers used the system to make 600 bookings.